Why join Best Western Brand!

Why join Best Western Hotels? We hope that after scrolling through the information we’ve put together, you’ll be asking yourself, Why not?

We are the leading group of independently owned and managed hotels in the world! And as you’ve probably know we’re here, there and everywhere –
with over 4500 unique hotels worldwide to our well-known name.

Staying true to each hotel’s independence is at the heart of everything we do, because we believe it leads to better service, warmer welcomes and
bigger smiles all round.

Above all, it sets us apart from those ‘same old, same old’ chains.

tick_32_blueOur Country on the map?

When you join Best Western, your business will be transformed – but not compromised. Right from the go you’ll gain access to the largest hotel network in the world, and even more importantly, millions of potential customers both here in Pakistan and across the globe. We really will put you on the map! Pakistan is a virgin market for international traveller and by opening a BW branded hotel will make you stand out from the rest of the competition.

tick_32_blueWhat’s in a name?

Well, according to Interbrand, “Brands are now the largest value creator within business, more than the tangible assets of the business and more than the other intangible assets”. So, how a brand is seen by customers determines whether they keep coming back for more! We agree, which is why we invest lots of cash (and a fair bit of time!) in the Best western brand. In 2016 we have launched out new logo and image to make the brand more relevant in todays market. Brand is more attractive and modern which will aspire guests to warmly enter hotels

tick_32_blueWhat’s in it for you?

As a member you’ll be at the heart of our internationally recognised brand, but you’ll still stay in control of your hotel, and above all, retain all the personality that makes it so inviting. You can tap into expert advice from Best Western Pakistan and over 4,500 worldwide – we’re all in it together! As a household name, we’ll put your hotel on the map with a huge brand profile to boost your hotel.
You’ll access millions of new customers through our loyalty scheme Best Western Rewards and our global databases.
Bookings delivered direct through BW Asia and International reservation centres, our leading website and GDS reeling in millions of dollars in sales every month. We’re pretty savvy when it comes to marketing, with awards and results to prove it – we’re all focussed on getting more customers into your hotel.
You’ll benefit from our national sales team, which has access to the largest (and smallest) corporate agents and Travel Trade.
Gain access to key hotel booking agents and travel management companies, access to corporate account managers and opportunities to be included in national corporate hotel programmes… something that can be very difficult to achieve as an individual independent hotel.
We’re big on big news, and our PR team will attract coverage of your hotel from journalists.
You’ll be able to pick the brains of our highly trained revenue management team to maximise your profits.
Access to advisory, consultancy and management services.

You have to ask yourself that do you want to be one independent hotel in the crowed or be part of a large hotel chain and leading the brand that will benefit your business and your customers.


Marketing is about delivering the best return on investment. To make more money, we make more noise – and shout about your many qualities from the rooftops. We really do put our heart and soul into marketing your hotel.

Whether we’re sending out millions of targeted emails, optimising our website, driving sales through digital channels, using social media to engage with people (become a fan on Facebook or follow us on Twitter!), using PR to gain millions of Rupees or Dollars worth of coverage in national and regional titles or producing and distributing thousands of brochures, our passionate, talented team are committed to telling the world about you!

Marketing with personality, because our customers are as individual as our members, that’s how we talk to them.

Focusing on our main Leisure and Corporate target groups, and offering a superb loyalty programme in Best Western Rewards®, making guests smile is key to making them want to stay with us and you, time and time again.

We have also formed strategic partnerships with multinational supermarkets , American Express, MasterCard and we have worked with other big-hitters like Disney to make our brand even more popular, and boost incremental revenue for you. Large corporations in Pakistan are on our customer target lists where they and their staff will be staying with us.

Join Best Western and you’ll instantly benefit from fresh, creative marketing. Not to mention the infectious passion of a talented team who create exciting and effective campaigns time after time!

Marketing is about delivering the best return on investment.

This sort of marketing will be impossible for one independent hotel owner whereas if you join us you will have access to automatic marketing materials and gain benefits. When public sees any TV advert, newspaper article and search engines optimizations,   automatically you will be benefit as the common name will include your BW hotel.


Best Western have a wide range of sales channels, each working hard to generate those all-important sales for member hotels. Our field based ‘Agency and Direct Team’ spread the word (and the many benefits) when it comes to working with Best Western. In addition to our globe trotting sales force, we also have a huge team based in the office too, who are tasked with driving business into our hotels and chasing down new direct corporate business opportunities.

As a pretty big name ourselves, we’ve managed to build fruitful relationships with the likes of HRG, Carlson Wagonlit Travel and Expotel to name just a few. We hope to tap into Pakistani Web-Site booking channels and also creating our own booking site in Pakistan to become market leaders within Pakistan. Just the name of Best Western will attract guests to come into your property and any direct booking will be your income as we BW do not take any share even though BW name has attracted the guests. This is what makes us stand out amongst other brands as other major brands charge commission on total revenue regardless of how the booking is generated.


Revenue Management is all about anticipating and reacting to consumer behaviour in order to maximise revenue and profit. It’s not rocket science (although there are some impressive looking graphs involved), but it does help you, and us, sell the right product, at the right time, at the right price and across the right channels!
To make it even easier to manage your rates and availability, we work with various property management systems (PMS) and have developed a whizzy 2-way interface linking your property management system with ours which ensures:

-Reservations are automatically inputted in your PMS system.
-You can manage room controls and pricing at the click of a button.
-Increased sales as your room availability is always available on Best Western channels.
-To help you out, Best Western’s revenue management team will offer helpful advice, and pass on useful tricks
of the revenue management trade.
You can also pick their brains on:
-Forecasting techniques
-Competitor benchmarking and analysis
-Pricing strategies
-Statistical analysis of management information
-Inventory Management techniques
-Realising distribution management opportunities for Best Western’s CRS, GDS, Web and partners.


When you become a member of Best Western, you’ll never look back.
We tend to build lasting relationships with every one of our member hotels, which means they stay with us for a very long time – and reap the rewards of being part of the World’s Largest Independent Hotel Brand year after year!
We value personality and independence above all else – it’s what makes us so popular with guests and partners. So, rest assured that you can benefit from our good name without sacrificing yours!
We provide tonnes of training to get you up to speed with all of our programmes and systems. As a member, you’ll also have access to our dedicated online resource tool which will keep you in the loop with the latest news, tools and training materials. Plus, your hotel will be supported with quality assurance audits as well as plenty of on and offline tools.
Our aim is to improve your hotel performance in partnership with, and as part of, a powerful network of like-minded quality independent hoteliers in Pakistan. You will have access to BEST WESTERN University portal where are over hundred training manuals involving all aspects of the hotel departments. HR training manuals so on. You will have access to Medallia software where we will provide customer behaviour and their feedback in relation to your property in particular and how to improve your weak spots. Training will take place where delegates come to your property to help you in Quality Assessments.

tick_32_blueSo In Conclusion Why Best Western?

Best Western International is based on a simple concept: independent hotel owners united to promote their properties and increase profitability. As a membership association, our hotels are independently owned and operated, and each member-owner has a voice in the operation of the company.

This exciting strategy is part of our long-term commitment to enhance brand image and drive superior revenue to our hotels. When owners can properly position their hotel and increase customer satisfaction, an improved return on investment isn’t far behind. Advantages of Best Western membership include:
-Shorter contract terms than the industry norm
-The most competitive fees among leading brands
-Unparalleled buying leverage through our purchasing department, which doesn’t sell to our members – it buys for our members
Best Western members benefit from:
-Internationally recognized brand name
-Worldwide reservations
-Global, national and regional marketing services
-Mass buying and bargaining power of thousands of hoteliers
-Experience and services of a professional headquarters staff

For more information please visit http://www.bestwesterndevelopers.com/


So what do I have to do to Join ?

Once you have decided that you either want to convert your existing hotel into BEST WESTERN Chain or want to develop and construct a new property with BEST WESTERN then you will have to do the following:

  • Be motivated to operate and run a your hotel.
  • Invest in your property.
  • Pay a one-off (non-refundable membership fee) Fees varies depending on number of rooms.
  • Pay monthly rental charge (depending on number of rooms)
  • Pay bookings commissions sent by BW booking channels only.
  • Invest in Booking computer system for your front of house reception staff (linked with BW central office in USA)
  • Pass Quality Assurance AssessmentsFor more information please visit http://www.bestwesterndevelopers.com/